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Mousin It Up The podcast of bigBrians Disney Page

Mar 29, 2007

In this Episode we have Space Mountain recorded in WDW's Magic Kingdom, on December 7, 2006, also, audio of the Tomorrowland Speedway bit I've got on my youtube account (, and another ragtime piano set this one was recorded July 17th 2005 (Disneylands 50th Anniversary!), there's also a tiny portion of the audio which I used in the Special Edition I released last week in honor of the 4th anniversary of (Happy Birthday Tagrel!) All the information in the postcard segment was provided by Kevin Hughes whose Postcardguy Antiques Store (featuring many WDW and Disneyland cards) can be found at .



As alway full show notes are on my site with links to the web sites, my pictures, my videos,  a list of songs heard during the episode, and of course there are images of the postcards mentioned in the postcard segment, this episodes notes are at:


and the overall link for the podcast is at: