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Mousin It Up The podcast of bigBrians Disney Page

Jul 25, 2006

I'm going to......Allentown??? Oh Yeah it's time for Dismeets annual gathering in Allentown PA, a good time for fun and friends. The audio in this episode is from one of the "seminars" in one of the break out room sessions Deb Wills speaks on Epcot's International Food and Wine Festivial, if you (like I) only had a passing knowledge of this event, then here's a great place to learn a lot of the details of just what types of events are available at the festival. In the postcard segment I talk a little about storage, and if you only listen to Disney podcasts for the music, well at least theres a song at each end of the podcast for you, and as always, there are images of the things you are heaaring about in this podcast on my web site (then follow the links to the episode 03 show notes)....Enjoy!

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