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Mousin It Up The podcast of bigBrians Disney Page

A long delayed ode, to Clinton Arvold and 103

Oct 10, 2008

I listen to  A LOT of Disney podcasts, and usually a podcast that "occasioanlly" talks about Disney just won't stay on my plylist for very long, there is ONE notable exception to that though, I've been listening to Comedy4Cast for a long time now, since back in the low double digits, (he recently published episode 151 ) and recently I had the opportunity to finish something his show inspired me to start a while back. It all goes back to a running gag about milestones in podasting and how a lot of folks make a big deal about episode 50 or episode 100 well Clinton didn't make a milestone out of episode 100, he celebrated a TRUE milestone instead...episode 103, well my mind tends to think in musical terms and the mention of episode 103 triggered an idea for me and in fairly short order I had some lyrics written down, and even took a couple of stabs at recording, BUT I kept flubbing the lyrics AND it occurred to me as I was recording that Clinton only uses POD SAFE MUSIC, royalty free stuff, so as I ran out of time to record that day that project went to the back burner, and it stayed there a LOOOOONG time, several episodes back Clinton introduced a new concept the virtual table of random things, which has been a GREAT way of getting fun, interesting, humorous feedback from his audience BOTH via email AND by the Super Secret Phone Line (360) 515-0004 (But DON'T tell anyone shhh! it's a secret), well it finally dawned on me that I could leave a virtual CD of this tribute to Clinton show on the Virtual table and host the audio in my libsyn account (but without publishing it to my podcast feed, since it's not an episode of my podcast) so without further adieu...
you can right-click on this link: and choose SAVE TARGET AS to save the file to your hard drive, or choose open in new tab or new window.